By: Tim Tooten, WBAL

FERNDALE, Md. —A group of Anne Arundel County High School seniors is making an impression on some young learners, paying them a visit to show the younger children firsthand what's possible. 

Days before graduation, seniors at North County High School took time to model their hard work and success.


Students at Hilltop Elementary School lined the hallways as if waiting for a parade, and it sure sounded like one headed their way.


More than two dozen North County seniors, dressed in caps and gowns, showed up on the Hilltop campus with one purpose in mind.


"I want these kids to like look forward to school, education and higher education. So getting to see us going off to things like that, I hope it is inspiring to them," senior Taylor Antonis said.


"I would think that it would encourage them to, I guess, follow our footsteps and graduate from high school," senior Kendall Johnson said.


That's what administrators at both schools had in mind.


"It's a huge deal for Hilltop kids to see our kids go all the way through, get their caps and gowns and walk down this hallway with all that pride and energy," NCHS principal Judy Cares said.


Hilltop is a school in which 80 percent of students take part in a free and reduced-priced meals program, but they are also students who are motivated to make big plans for the future.


"I want to graduate college, get my bachelor's, get my master's, the highest degree," Hilltop Elementary student Genevieve Allotey said.


"I was hoping to promote from here to middle school and happily go to high school, finish off and go to college," Hilltop Elementary student Osvaldo Ortiz said.

North County High seniors will graduate on Friday.