We've seen our first hit of snow for the year, with more barreling down on us this weekend. With possible schools canceled and Anne Arundel County covered by  snow, lots of families will be out sledding, so here are some suggestions on hills to head to – if you can get out of your driveway.


  • - Riva Park
  • - Walden Golf Courses
  • - Broadneck High School
  • - GORC Park and Laurel Hospital
  • - Glendale Golf Course
  • - Quiet Waters Park

- Anne Arundel County Community College

  • - U.S. Naval Academy housing hill
  • - Behind Maryland Hall
  • - Heritage Park on Forest Drive – for younger kids
  • - Quiet Waters Park – would be a good fit for a family
  • - South River High School
Remember to have fun, stay warm, and let the best sledder win!